Classroom Organisation

There are three phases within the school:

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - for children aged 4 – 5 years

Key Stage One (KS1) – for children aged 5 -7 years

Lower Key Stage Two (KS2) – for children aged 7 – 9 years

Upper Key Stage Two (KS2) – for children aged 9 - 11

Currently there are thirteen classes.

Benton Building
Red Admiral EYFS Mrs Thompson

Mrs Lamprell

Mrs McClement

Mrs Cummins

Mrs Osmond

Mrs Collins

Tortoiseshell EYFS

Mrs Morgan

(Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri)

Mrs Garlick (Thurs)


Year 1

Mrs Darlington 

Mrs Youens 

Mrs Coles ( Trainee teacher)

Mrs Greaves

Mrs Rolfe

Mrs Williams

Mrs Weait


Year 1

Mrs Wade 

Mrs Youens

Peacock Year 2

Mrs Perryman 

Emporer Year 2

Miss Weetch

Mrs Garlick (Friday)

Chiltern Blue

Year 3 Mr Nixon

Mrs Smith

Manser Building
Africa Year 3

Ms Atkins

Mrs Rowley (Friday)

Ms Broughton



Mrs Ray


Oceania Year 4 Mrs Gerrish
Asia Year 4

Mrs Ludlow

Mrs Rowley (Thursday)



Mrs Pijnen

Miss Blandford

Europe Year 5

Mr Smith

Antarctica Year 6 Mr Gibson

Mr Hultman (Trainee teacher)

Mrs Ross

Miss Revill

Americas Year 6

Miss Stott 

Mrs Youens (Thurs pm)

There are nine full time and six part-time teachers, in addition to the Headteacher, who are able to offer a wide range of specialist knowledge and broad skills.